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San Juan Economic Development Association

SJDA is an individual non-profit serving San Juan County for Economic development purposes.


Silverton is the county seat and only incorporated city in San Juan County, Colorado. We are recognized as one of the most family-friendly communities in Colorado, offering a quality of life that simply isn't found anymore. Silverton is a place where children can still ride their bikes around town. Hiking, fishing, biking, skiing, and 13k peaks are literally outside the door a place where dirty hands and dirty clothes are not only accepted but expected.



Facilitating the creation of a sustainable and diverse economy in the County leads to a more resilient community. To foster a resilient economy, we need to develop more diversity to improve the number, quality, and variety of jobs that are available to residents. This is done primarily through the retention, expansion, and recruitment of primary jobs, new capital investment in the community, and visitors/tourists spending money in the County. (Primary jobs are those jobs that export products and services and import new dollars into the County. The new dollars brought in by primary jobs circulate within the County in the form of salaries and other business expenditures, which in turn support jobs in the retail, business services, personal services, and other sectors. Not defined by size, both large and small employers can provide primary jobs.) Because building a sustainable economy does not happen overnight, a long-term perspective is essential to any successful economic development effort. The County partners with the Region 9 Economic Development District of SW Colorado and the San Juan Economic Development Association to:

  • Identify viable economic development projects and initiatives.
  • Facilitate eligibility for federal and state economic development funding.
  • Develop goals and strategies for implementing economic development projects and initiatives, and
  • Identifying and recognizing trends, either positive or negative as they occur with the successful economic development effort.

The County works with businesses, as well as public and private organizations to match resources with those who can use them.

Business Resources

Start a Business:








Business Incentives

All of San Juan County is a designated Enterprise Zone and businesses are eligible for State Tax Credits.

Enterprise Zone Income Tax Credit Guide

(offering incentives to businesses relocating to San Juan County)



All of San Juan County is a designated Opportunity Zone.


Micro Loans

San Juan Development Association has funds available to San Juan County businesses. The San Juan Development Association Loan program provides businesses with capital to expand, relocate, and start-up that in turn, create and retain jobs as well as bring new wealth into San Juan County.

Loans are available from $500 to over $7,500 for the following uses:

  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Working Capital
  • Renovation of interiors and exteriors
  • Energy efficiency efforts
  • Other fixed assets or training/education

Community Assets

Even better than visiting the heart of the San Juan Mountains is calling it home. 

SILVERTON FAMILY LEARNING CENTER- is a proud non-profit provider of early childhood care and education in San Juan County, Colorado.

SILVERTON SCHOOL - K-12 all in one building with very small classes and an innovative curriculum

SILVERTON STANDARD &, THE MINER- Silverton\'s pioneer newspaper since 1875, recognized as a National Historic Site in Journalism. It is the oldest continuously operated newspaper on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Development Partners

Region 9 Economic Development District

Region 9 EDD  serves San Juan County to improve economic conditions and help local entrepreneurs retain jobs and create employment opportunities. Region 9 offers business loans, technical assistance grant research, regional data compilation and economic modeling. Region 9 also oversees the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region. Region 9 can help identify incentives for businesses in the County. Region 9 EDD serves five counties, ten towns and cities, and two Indian Tribes.

Homes Fund RHA works with the local governments to create resources that will fill the gap between what families can afford and the price of houses on the market. It is a multi-jurisdictional housing authority that leverages local dollars to increase available resources for housing.

Silverton Area Chamber of Commerce The SACC works to support member businesses and promotes the area to the area as a whole to visitors.

Town of Silverton Located at 9,318 feet in the heart of southwest Colorado and the San Juan Mountain's high country, Silverton is a year-round paradise for residents and visitors alike.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document, developed by Region 9, provides detailed economic and demographic profiles of the County. The purpose of the CEDS is to provide a plan for retaining and creating better-paying jobs, fostering stable and more diversified economies, as well as maintaining and improving the quality of life. 


Business Climate The reasons thousands of visitors come to our County is the same reason businesses are grown here. Businesses cite the incredible mountain setting, available commercial real estate, exceptional schools, broadband, and quality of life as major factors for choosing Silverton and San Juan County.

Doing Business in Colorado For information about doing business within the State, see the Colorado Business Resource Guide This guide is designed to answer a multitude of questions. The Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center provides a variety of workshops and free business counseling. 970-247-7009.

San Juan Economic Development Association


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