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Silverton, Colorado OHV Rules FAQ


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05/2022 OHV Rules


Are Off Highway Vehicles (OHV or ATV) allowed in the Town of Silverton?
NO, as of October 12, 2021, the Town of Silverton Citizens voted NO to allowing OHV, ATV, or unlicensed dirt bikes in the Town limits.

Are OHVs allowed in San Juan County Colorado?
YES, on certain San Juan County Roads per SJC Resolution 2022-02. Not all SJC roads allow OHV access.

Where is it legal in San Juan County to park my trailer and load/unload my OHV?
Short term parking is allowed on certain San Juan County Roads if vehicle and trailer are COMPLETELY out of the traffic right of way. All wheels, bumpers and vehicle/trailer in general must not be in the lane of traffic, parked comfortably onto the wide shoulder of the road and is subject to being towed/ticketed if it is impeding lane of traffic. Not all San Juan County Roads have the ample shoulder room to legally park and therefore it is first come first serve with available wide road shoulder parking. Avoid private property or parking off trail/roads of any kind.

Do I need to have a permit to drive my OHV on San Juan County Roads?
YES, you must register your OHV or unlicensed dirt bikes with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and get a registration sticker that is visibly displayed on your OHV, ATV, or dirt bike. They are sold locally at The Whistle Stop Gas Station and the Silverton Grocery Store or get online at cpw.state.co.us.

Can I connect across the Town of Silverton between California pass/Gladstone to Eureka/Howardsville?
NO, there is no through traffic from SJC County Road 2 (Howardsville) over to SJC County Road 110 (headed out to Gladstone/California pass area). You must trailer your OHV across this area (see map). On April 12th , 2022, the SJC Commissioners voted to stop OHV access at Hancock Gulch which is 1.5 miles Northeast out SJC County Road 110 above the Town of Silverton. You can travel San Juan County Road 2 or 20 up to Silverton Lakes Campground which is just Northeast out of the Town of Silverton.

How close can I get to the Town of Silverton in my OHV and where can I park?
The closest access to the Town of Silverton is out SJC Road 2 or 20 which is right next to the Silverton Lakes Campground. All parking on SJC Roads is first come first serve and you must be completely on a road shoulder and out of the lane of traffic. Not all SJC Roads are wide enough to park and it is up to the OHV user to find a spot to park. There is no official staging area in San Juan County currently. Avoid private property and stay on the trail/road. All vehicles, tailers or OHVs violating the rules are subject to towing/ticketing.

What happens if I drive my OHV into the Town of Silverton town limits?
You are subject to a $300 fine and or towing per TOS Resolution 2022-07. As of October 12, 2021, the Silverton Citizens voted to no longer allow OHV access into the Town of Silverton per TOS Ordinance 2021-09.

What if my OHV is licensed from out of state?
The State of Colorado does not recognize out of state license plates for OHVs or ATVs as street legal. Colorado does not currently offer license plates for OHV’s or ATV’s but dirt bikes can become street legal.


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