2014 Election Results

The San JuanCounty Clerk and Recorder's office conducts public elections according to federal and state statutes and encourages participation by all current and potential eligible electors in San Juan County. The County Clerk and Recorder\'s office also provides election assistance to other local governments within San Juan County including the Town of Silverton, school districts and special districts.

All elections in Colorado are conducted by mail ballot. As an alternative to returning the voted ballot by mail, a voter also has the option of casting the ballot in person commencing 15 days prior to the election for general elections, and 8 days prior to the election for all other elections through 7:00 p.m. on Election Day at the Voter Service and Polling Center located at the San Juan County Courthouse, 1557 Greene Street, Silverton, Colorado.


Past Election Results for San Juan County, CO


Party Affiliation Key

(D) Democrat

(G) Green

(L) Libertarian

(R) Republican

(U) Unaffiliated


2014 Results

November 4, 2014: Voters casting ballots: 478, Number of registered voters: 610


County Commissioner

157 Robert Boeder (D)

309 Ernest Kuhlman (U)

County Sheriff

317 Bruce Conrad (D)

Amendment 67

Definition of Person and Child

101 Yes/ For 347 No/Against

U.S. Senator

255 Mark Udall (D)

182 Cory Gardner (R)

8 Gaylon Kent (L)

10 Raul Acosta (U)

1 Bill Hammons (Unity)

6 Steve Shogan (U)

State Representative -

District 59

227 Mike McLachlan (D)

216 J. Paul Brown (R)

County Treasurer

118 Susan Catt (D)

346 Deanna Jaramillo (U)

County Coroner

412 Keri Metzler (U)

Amendment 68

Horse Racetrack Casino Gambling

157 Yes/ For

300 No/Against

Representative to the U.S. Congress -

District 3

219 Scott R. Tipton (R)

193 Abel J. Tapia (D)

13 Travis Mero (L)

22 Tisha T. Casida (U)

Attorney General

201 Don Quick (D)

184 Cynthia Coffman (R)

39 David Williams (L)

County Assessor

319 Kimberly Buck (D)

112 Melanie Bergolc (U)

15 Earle Horton (Write-in)

State Senate -

District 6

274 Ellen S. Roberts (R)

Proposition 104

School Board Meeting Requirements

286 Yes/ For

146 No/Against

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

177 Beauprez/Repella (R)

243 Hickenlooper/Garcia (D)

13 Hempy/Olson (G)

6 Hess/Young (L)

7 Dunafon/Roberts (U)

3 Fiorino/Whitley (U)

State Board of Education -

Congressional District 3

221 Henry C. Roman (D)

187 Marcia Neal (R)

County Clerk &, Recorder

401 Ladonna L. Jaramillo (U)

State Treasurer

181 Walker Stapleton (R)

208 Betsy Markey (D)

36 David Jurist (L)

Proposition 105

Labeling Genetically Modified Food

217 Yes/ For

244 No/Against

Secretary of State

210 Joe Neguse (D)

169 Wayne W. Williams (R)

25 Amanda Campbell (AC)

23 Dave Schambach (L)