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Visit Colorado Voter Registration to register, update or verify your registration and mailing address. You can also register in the Clerk & Recorder's office (County Courthouse, 1557 Greene St, Silverton) up to and including Election Day!

All elections in Colorado are conducted by mail ballot. As an alternative to returning the voted ballot by mail, a voter also has the option of casting the ballot in person commencing 15 days prior to the election for general elections, and 8 days prior to the election for all other elections through 7:00 p.m. on Election Day at the Voter Service and Polling Center located at the San Juan County Courthouse, 1557 Greene Street, Silverton, Colorado.

The San Juan County Clerk and Recorder's office conducts public elections according to federal and state statutes and encourages participation by all current and potential eligible electors in San Juan County. The County Clerk and Recorder's office also provides election assistance to other local governments within San Juan County including the Town of Silverton, school districts and special districts.

Party Affiliation Key

(D) Democrat
(G) Green
(L) Libertarian
(R) Republican
(U) Unaffiliated