Clerk & Recorder

Clerk & Recorder - Ladonna Jaramillo

Closed Thurs Jan 26, 2023
Wednesdays Closing at 3pm
Fridays Closing at Noon

Normal Office Hours Mon-Fri: 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm


The Deputy Clerk & Recorder position is currently open. To apply, see our job openings page.

The county clerk and recorder is an elected official of San Juan County and serves the public as set forth in Colorado State Statutes. Through offices situated in various locations throughout the county, the Clerk and Recorder's Office:

  • Files maps
  • Handles elections
  • Issues marriage licenses
  • Prepares and issues motor vehicle titles and plates
  • Records documents
  • Registers voters

Deed Recording
The duties of the Clerk and Recorder\'s Office include the recording, indexing, and preserving of permanent public documents, primarily real estate records.

Recording Fees: $13 for the first page, $5 each additional page


County Courthouse
1557 Greene St
PO Box 466

Silverton, CO 81433

Phone: 970.387.5671

Fax: 970.387.8043


Note: All US Mail must be addressed to a PO Box for delivery in Silverton, CO.
US Mail addressed to the physical address (Greene St) will NOT be delivered.