Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency.

In a free society, transparency is government's obligation to share information with citizens.

It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable.


Message from the San Juan County Commissioners

We are committed to providing responsive and effective leadership by supporting the open, transparent, and accountable government.

We encourage community involvement in local government and encourage an open public process in which the business of the public is accomplished in public.

As such we support:

  • public processes that provide opportunities for diverse opinions and ideas to be heard and considered,
  • affording citizens and taxpayers with proper and public due process
  • performing our duties and responsibilities professionally, fairly, openly and respectfully
  • keeping elected officials, citizens, taxpayers and one another informed via open and timely communication
  • diligent management of financial affairs in order to ensure the County\'s long term financial health and the provision of essential public services,
  • balancing short-term and long-term priorities in order that we may promote a sustainable environment, and sustainable economic opportunities which support and maintain the quality of life inSan JuanCounty,
  • providing clear direction and guidance to citizen committees and commissions,
  • working to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts to the benefit of our community.

We believe that open and transparent government requires that the business of the County government should be open to effective public review. This includes access to information as well as the knowledge of the ability to participate in public discussion.

For these reasons, this transparency portal was created - to provide a one-stop, comprehensive site through which information about the business of San Juan County government could be located and navigated.



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