Treasurer's Deeds

The following information is also available to download below.


Treasurer's Deed Applications:

After a lien is held for 3 years, the lienholder may apply for a Treasurer's Deed. The Treasurer will follow Colorado Revised Statutes in administering this process.

Treasurer Deed Information

For Property Owners:

When you receive our Letter to the Property Owner informing you of the application for the treasurer's deed on your property, call my office right away at 970-387-5488. This process may be your last opportunity to prevent the loss of your property. If at any time you are able to pay off the lien, please call for the most current balance and make your payment by either cash, cashiers check, or money order. Please make sure to call with any questions, 970-387-5488.


For Lien Holders:

  • Read the Treasurer's Deed Process below.
  • Complete the Application for Treasurer's Deed, contact the Treasurer at 970-387-5488 or CONTACT TREASURERto get the application.
  • Send the application for Treasurer's Deed with a check for $375.00 ($75.00 application fee and $300.00 deposit) for each property you are applying for.
  • Pay any unendorsed subsequent taxes and extras expenses that may go above and beyond your deposit amount when notified to do so by the Treasurer's Office.



**Important: Anyone with rights of redemption may redeem the property at any time up until the deed is executed.  Please remember that this can be a 4 to 6-month process.**

Prior to Opening File:

  • Receive completed application and $375.00 application fee and deposit made payable to the San Juan County Treasurer from the lien holder.


Open the File:

  • Pull the tax sale certificate that is being applied for and start the file. Order a title search of the property and wait for the results to return.
  • Assign a deed date.
  • Research addresses for property owners and others with rights of redemption.



  • Send required mailings to all parties that have an interest in the property.
  • Publish the legal notice in the Silverton Standard and the Miner for 3 consecutive weeks.



  • Notify lienholder of any additional expenses and taxes above the deposit amount.
  • Execute the Treasurer‚Äôs Deed and have it recorded by the San Juan County Clerk and Recorder. Send the original recorded deed to the new property owner.