Property Tax Exemptions

The State of Colorado has approved several different types of exemptions. Official notice of the Senior and Disabled Veteran Exemptions is included in the Abstract of Assessment Brochure that will be mailed with 2020 Tax Notices in January 2021.

Senior Exemption Brochure 
The senior property tax exemption, also known at the Homestead Exemption, is available to senior citizens and the surviving spouses of senior citizens. The state reimburses the local governments for the loss in revenue. When the State of Colorado’s budget allows, 50 percent of the first $200,000 of actual value of the qualified applicant’s primary residence is exempted. For the purpose of the exemption, a primary residence is the place where an individual is registered to vote. An applicant or married couple may apply for the exemption on only one property.

  • Senior Citizen Exemption Application
    Submit to Assessor by July 15th; late applications accepted through Aug 15 but cannot be appealed. Those already receiving the exemption do not need to re-apply.

Disabled Veteran Exemptions
A property tax exemption is available to qualifying disabled veterans and their surviving spouses. For those who qualify, 50% of the first $200,000 of actual value of the veteran’s primary residence is exempted from taxation. The state reimburses the county treasurer for the lost revenue.

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