Property & Map Search

The Assessor and Treasurer's offices have converted to a new property record database. Please direct questions to:


  • Property Database and Maps - hosted by Spatialest
    Please bear with us as we continue updating our records and photos. Updated nightly.

  • GIS Portal with Sales Layers - This online ArcGIS webmap application includes parcels and sales layers. Search is not working for this map at this time. to search, use the Property Database above. Updated May 18, 2021.  
  • Parcels impacted by Environmental Remediation County Ordinance 2020-1
    Areas in Green have been remediated at least to some extent
    Areas in Orange have yet to be remediated
    See full text of County Ordinance 2020-1 for details on land use impact
  • Parcel Shapefile with Ownership info(zip file). There are up to 11 ownership fields for a given property because we often have separate parcel numbers for properties owned by multiple people in undivided interests. Other Shapefiles, KMZ files, and other GIS files can be requested emailing
  • Mining Claims Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)
    This spreadsheet lists all patented mining claims in San Juan County, sortable by location, size, ownership, parcel#, survey#, patent#, and other attributes. The spreadsheet has one row per schedule-sequence combination. Some mining claims have multiple rows if they are owned in partial interests with separate tax schedule numbers. Some tax schedules have multiple mining claims (multiple sequences). See the tab labeled "Key to Columns" for a description of each field. We make no guarantees of its accuracy. Please contact the Assessor with any feedback or corrections.
  • Static Maps (PDF format)